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Vegan Creme Eggs

These are not eggs. That would be disgustging. These are rich, creamy desserts.  These Vegan Crème Eggs are perfect. They are gorgeously stuffed with filling that looks similar to egg yolk. But it’s amazing! And it is a fun and easy vegan recipe you can do with kids. Especially if you have kids you are trying to teach veganism too.

Crème Egg is a popular creamy milk chocolate product in the shape of an egg. It is usually associated with Easter. Many people are obsessed with this candy because of its sweet choco-tastic quality. And today you’re in luck because this treat is turned into a healthy vegan recipe. Vegans and non-vegans will surely get that immense amount of satisfaction after biting into these sweet, creamy, and healthier treats.

vegan creme eggs easy healthy dietIt’s always a surprise when an easy vegan food turns out better than the original recipe. These wonderful round chocolates are derived from: vegan chocolate chips, coconut milk, and vanilla extract. These sweet delights provide a boost of heart, muscle and immunity from the nutrients coming from the coconut milk. And using vegan chocolate is not only more delicious, but it’s also affordable.

Ready for a delicious treat that’s perfect for Easter, but that I love year round? Get the recipe for these vegan creme eggs on the next page below!

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