Vegan Creme Of Pumpkin And Apple Soup

For an extraordinary and honest use of fall ingredients, this Vegan Cream of Pumpkin and Apple Soup is a total knockout. You’ll this simple version of pumpkin soup. I guess when fall gets close a lot of us starting thinking about great vegan food like pumpkins. But I like to use it all year.

Usually when you think cream of something, it’s cream of mushroom. In fact, before I located this recipe I had never heard of anything like cream of pumpkin soup before. When you are searching for incredible vegan recipes you never know what new things you will find. This vegan recipe is one of those great to make vegan cream of pumpkin and apple soupJust looking at its vibrant color and rich texture will have you craving. This good, hearty soup is chock-full of Hokkaido squash and apple and comes together without artificial preservatives. The added bonus to this is that it’s vegan and nutrient-rich. It’s good for the heart, eyes, and skin! This big bowl of warm savory soup is a great way to welcome the pleasant autumn weather and will make you yearn for it to come sooner.

Maybe the best part, other than the flavor, is that you can make this delicious soup in 30 minutes. And if you like to play around with flavors there a many ways to customize this one to suit you. Experiment with some of the following vegan food ingredients and spices: sage, bay leaf, summer savory, smoked paprika, curry, cinnamon or even cardamom.

Green Evi is responsible for these beautiful photos and this vegan soup recipe. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Cream of Pumpkin and Apple Soup by clicking here.

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