Vegan Crispy Chipotle Fritters

Am I the only person that didn’t know what a fritter was? Now I love these Vegan Crispy Chipotle Fritters. But I didn’t always know what they were. I found these delicious bites of goodness about three months ago and decided to try them. This is proof that you can love good food and delicious recipes and still be clueless!

It’s funny though because I remember when I first went vegan I didn’t know what lentils were either. I mention that for two reason. First, these fritters are lentil based. Second, to show there is no need to be intimidated by things you don’t know. If fact, there are no things you don’t know. Just things you don’t know YET! A mind that is willing to learn is an intelligent mind indeed.

vegan fritters recipe - Vegan Crispy Chipotle Fritters

I think out of all of the little snack type recipes I have tried since going vegan these fritters might be my favorite! Alive with a chipotle flavor with onions and chives, all served up in the perfect little bite size. Yummy!

If you a looking for something that will be a hit at your next party or maybe a fun appetizer then this is it. I have never tried this recipe when they didn’t disappear within a few minutes. And they are really easy to prepare too.

You HAVE to check out this recipe and give it a shot. You can learn how to make these vegan crispy chipotle fritters on the next page below.


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