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Vegan Crispy Tofu Nuggets And “Honey” Mustard Dip

Sometimes you just want a crispy snack you can dip. These crispy tofu nuggets are perfect for that. You get these delicious vegan tofu nuggets and a creamy delicious vegan “honey” mustard dipping sauce. That is some tasty vegan food right there.

Just because I am vegan and happy about it doesn’t mean I always have the best day. This weekend was a nightmare with car troubles and towing and all that goes with it. Thank goodness for a small pack of vegan snacks I always take when we travel. They really saved the day!


I didn’t have any of these delicious crispy tofu nuggets in that travel pack but it would have been great. These are such a yummy vegan snack that is perfect for grazing, hosting guests, or an appetizer. The vegan “honey” mustard dips is incredibly too.

You may be a little surprised to learn that while the tofu nuggets are indeed crispy and tasty, they are not fried. Nope, this is a great baked vegan recipe that gives you all the pleasure of a nice crispy nugget without the unhealthy frying. You won’t even notice or care. Trust me.

This recipe uses a bean based chip for the coating and they amazing crispy texture. While it recommends a specific brand you could really make this recipe with all kinds of different chips to get that crispy bite. These also have a little jalapeno kick too, but you can adjust that according to taste.

Emilie Eats is the creator of this amazing vegan recipe and these beautiful photos. You can learn how to make these Vegan Crispy Tofu Nuggets And “Honey” Mustard Dip by clicking here.

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