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Vegan Dessert Date Squares

Looking for a new vegan dessert recipe to try? These Vegan Dessert Date Squares are delicious and loaded with healthy carbs that will keep you focused and full. I like to think of these things as desserts because they are so delicious. But they are actually quite healthy for you as well.

If you often try commercial vegan protein bars or vegan meal replacement bars you may be disappointed in many of them. It’s so easy to make a batch of amazing bars at home that it doesn’t make sense to buy any really. Hey, vegan energy bars like these can be made easily, wrapped up, and used all week as snacks or meals on the to make vegan dare to date squaresDates and oats – that is what’s inside these promising energy bars. The recipe use pantry-friendly ingredients and can make sixteen squares. The base of these square bars is made from the processed oats and pecans. They stick together perfectly and make an excellent base. Of course you won’t find many vegan foods healthier than oats. So great for your heart, cholesterol, and blood sugars.

The middle layer consists of thick and creamy combination of pitted dates, coconut oil, Himalayan salt, in a mouth watering base of vegan food you will love. Lastly, the topping has crumble-like consistency. The blended rolled oats and pecans are sprinkled smoothly on top. This is one lovely recipe to add to your collection.

This vegan breakfast recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of The Vegan Chickpea. You can get this Vegan Dessert Date Squares Recipe by clicking here.

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