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Vegan Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Are you vegan but have a house that loves desserts? Make it your goal to bring a plant-based, healthy and indulgent food for your family. These Vegan Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies are the perfect vegan dessert. It’s flour-less and has a distinctive texture.

These cookies are for all the chocoholics out there! It is gluten free, vegan and good for you. Well, what’s not to love about creamy avocado, mashed banana, cocoa, dark chocolate chunks and coconut sugar? They are really nutritious and decadent. how to make vegan dark chocolate chunk cookies

These treats are cake-like and puffier in texture. They are also crispy on the edges and have a deep color. Then the chocolate chunk topping is simply the best. This is super-fast and a kid-friendly vegan dessert recipe. Even the pickiest eater will like these treats!

This easy vegan recipe is proof that you can make a super chocolate dessert from wholesome ingredients. This is a vegan food idea that works for any kind of vegan diet. Even if you are trying to lose weight you can enjoy one of these vegan cookies.

This vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Begin With Nutrition. You can get this Vegan Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe by clicking here.

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