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Vegan Diet Tips For Celebrities Going Back To Eating Murdered Animals

Famous people have been some of the best tools to get out the Vegan message. Lately we have seen a few famous Vegans abandon the lifestyle and start eating meat again. They always have some reason that they present as being a legitimate reason but in fact it never is. In this story Anne Hathaway says she didn’t have enough energy to do her job while eating Vegan so she had to eat meat. What makes this so sad is that she was just eating poorly. It had nothing to do with being Vegan. This is a quote from her on what she was eating.

“I fell off so hard… So you imagine what that’s like — what it’s like running through water and then you wear a 40-pound suit on top of it, so for me it was intense. I was facing my life, I don’t know how many days in a row of, like, garbanzo beans on a plate.”Inquisitr
Attention all famous Vegans. If you only eat a few garbanzo beans on a plate every day you will not have energy. You will probably get tired. Don’t blame the Vegan lifestyle because you didn’t eat properly. You still have to get protein and carbs and micro-nutrients. So you have to eat foods that will supply those things to you. You just took the easy way out by going back to meat. And your health will pay for it in the long term.
Attention all Vegans, celebrity or otherwise, you need to know how to eat correctly.
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