Vegan Diet Plan with the Vegan Fat Guy

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Vegan Diet Plan with the Vegan Fat Guy

Thanks for visiting the site. I'm nothing special, just a vegan who is losing weight. When I started this journey over 2 years ago I lost 80 pounds! I was so happy. Then I had an injury that basically sidelined me for a year. I was in a bed or the recliner most of the time. I wasn't very mobile, I gained weight, I got depressed, and I gained more weight.

So I'm starting again! Since January 9th of this year I have lost 41 pounds! (as of today, 5/11/16. It could be even more depending on when you are reading this). I'm sharing everything that works for me because I want to help others in my same situation. If I can lose weight, anyone can!

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The first thing I want you to have is this TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) spreadsheet. It automatically determines what your daily energy expendature is based on just 2 inputs from you each day. All you have to do is put those values in every day, eat what it tells you to eat, and lose weight! It's really that easy. This is the most amazing spreadsheet I have ever seen for weight loss. If you have tried TDEE or BMR calculators online before you know that are all different. This sheet is unique because it tracks your real world weight and calories to give you EXACTLY what your TDEE is for you. It's so easy to use.

Just give me your name and email and I'll send it out to you for free. It's a Microsoft XL spreadsheet so you will need that on your laptop or PC. And I'll include a video on how to use it as well. Put your email in the box below, know I'll never share it with anyone ever, and wait for the confirmation email to land in your email. (Check your spam folder if you don't see it soon!) Once it comes, click the confirm link giving me permission to send you the followup email with the link and it will be on the way ASAP!

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