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Vegan Doctor Who Cake

A great vegan birthday cake, or a vegan cake for the nerd in your life. Are you down for some science fiction? This Vegan Doctor Who Cake is a dark plant-based and nut-free dessert any fan will love.

Exterminate is not the word that will come out your mouth when you see this thing, but rather regenerate this extraordinary recipe. It has a simple design, and yet it is so gorgeous. This cake uses powder sugar dust instead of frosting to make it less sugary. how to make vegan doctor who cake

It’s clean and minimalist and it gets a creative look from less work than you would think. You can see the inside of the cake is soft and fluffy. The layers of spongy royal blue bread and the tofu lemon curd separating them look very luscious. It is stylish and sophisticated in its own way. This birthday cake is really something new.

This vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Grim Grains. You can get this Vegan Doctor Who Cake Recipe by clicking here.

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