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Vegan Dragon Fruit Bowl

Move over acai bowls, this Vegan Dragon Fruit Bowl is the new superfood. It has a mild and sweet flavor, fun toppings and nutritional benefits. It’s perfect for a bright breakfast or an afternoon snack!

A good smoothie is all about balance. It’s easy for any smoothie recipe to lose its balance and become too overwhelming in taste. Perhaps this easy vegan recipe can help you find that sweet combination you expect to achieve. This is a surefire recipe that will make your entire body giggle for joy. Besides it’s great for your healthy vegan diet.

vegan dragon fruit bowl healthy easy plant based diet

The combo goes like this: frozen banana chunks, almond butter so it’s thick and almond milk to make it creamy and absolutely delicious. Then serve in a bowl topped with slices of banana, toasted almonds and homemade quinoa buckwheat cereal. You will like this more than anything in the world! It’s not hard to believe that with these ingredients, the result is simply phenomenal!

Yum! You’re probably drooling over this. Hurry and get the recipe for this Vegan Dragon Fruit Bowl on the next page below.

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