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Vegan Dukkah Spiced Chocolate Covered Matzoh

If you’re a great fan of dukkah but never thought of using it this way, here’s your chance! This Vegan Dukkah Spiced Chocolate Covered Matzoh is brilliant. It’s luscious and decadent. A truly a clever and delectable dessert.

Matzoh is a flatbread that is part of Jewish cuisine and an essential part of the Passover festival. Bet you thought you need to be Jewish or to celebrate Passover to enjoy this recipe, didn’t you? Wrong. This is a great option for any occasion. Wait, is that for real? Yes. Put a tray of matzoh, a bowl of ganache, a few spreaders, and a bowl of dukkah on the table and you’ll see how fast this thing disappears!

There are so many ingredients that make life easier for vegan cooks. Nuts and seeds, conveniently packed to keep them fresh until you want to use them are an example. The same with this recipe that uses skinned hazelnuts, shelled pistachios, natural sesame seeds, coriander seeds, anise seeds, and cumin seeds for the topping. I bet this toasted dukkah spice mix is really yummy. It makes an excellent crunchy contrast to the matzoh. And you can fully expect more goodness because each piece of matzoh is coated with glossy and smooth chocolate melt.

how to make vegan dukkah spiced chocolate covered matzohSneak a perfect crunchy, chocolatey goodness in your diet. A delectable dessert to entice the mouth isn’t always a bad thing. So roll up your sleeves and start whipping up this recipe.

This vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Fran Costigan. You can get this Vegan Dukkah Spiced Chocolate Covered Matzoh Recipe by clicking here.

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