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Vegan Easy Avocado Beans Chili

Cook up a tasty, healthy family meal that even picky kids will enjoy. This Vegan Easy Avocado Bean Chili is a speedy, vegetable loaded, easy, gluten-free, hearty and filling meal. Whether you’re transitioning towards becoming a vegan or been a veggie-lover all your life, this recipe will knock you off your feet.

Classic chili recipes are usually made with beef and beans. They are mouthwatering and an easy one-pot meal. But did you know that omitting meat could be more beneficial? A tasty homemade stock pot recipe made with veggies – perfect for your healthy diet! You can’t go wrong with this cozy vegan recipe. It’s simple and tasty meatless source of protein.

vegan easy avocado beans chili plant based easy healthy dietMix things up and reinvent recipes. This savory eat has few ingredients: tomatoes, bell peppers, chili powder, kidney beans, corn, paprika, large zucchini, avocado, and fresh cilantro. It’s surprising that with only a handful of basic ingredients you can build your ultimate chili meal you can enjoy for dinner.

You can get this savory Vegan Easy Avocado Beans Chili Recipe on the next page below.

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