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Vegan Eggs Benedict

Have you tried vegan eggs and not been impressed? Don’t give up on that traditional breakfast staple yet. This vegan eggs benedict recipe is delicious. So full of great egg texture and flavor that I think you will be surprised. Not every vegan wants an egg replacement. But for those that do this vegan recipe is tops.

It’s hard to argue with the flavor combination of portobello cap, a handful of baby spinach, and tofu egg mix when assembled into Vegan Eggs Benedict. This recipe has a lot of filling protein, hearty texture, and just generally fulfilling. You can bring ‘eggs’ back to breakfast in the form of this great vegan to make vegan eggs benedictThis vegan breakfast recipe is made from wholesome ingredients which are all delicious and satisfying. Sweet and salty goodness guaranteed. The small, round and toasted breads make this extra scrumptious, while the hollandaise is creamy and a perfect match for this breakfast classic. It’s a perfect vegan recreation of the time honored eggs benedict.

I have to tell you there is one great vegan food idea that puts this recipe over the top though. It’s the smokey portobello mushroom bacon. It is simply amazing. A little sweet and salty combined with a great smokey flavor. This ‘bacon’ is so much better than any pork and it really sets this entire entree’ off.

Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes is the creator of these beautiful photos and vegan breakfast recipe. Get the recipe for this Vegan Eggs Benedict by clicking here.

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