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Vegan Enchiladas And Creamy Hot Mushroom Sauce

This vegan enchilada recipe is just incredible. The Creamy Spicy Sauce is not your ordinary recipe. This is velvety, fresh, spicy, and brings the entire thing to life!

An authentic Mexican sauce has a sweet and spicy flavor that works great with quesadillas, enchiladas, and more! This vegan version uses only the finest to create thick and rich, great tasting sauce. Paired with your favorite enchilada, this plant based recipe will change the heart of any meat eaters.

vegan enchiladas easy plant based healthy diet

Happy taste buds, happy stomach! Minimal and simple ingredients took this vegan food several steps ahead its counterpart.  This vegan Mexican favorite uses ancho chiles, guajillo chiles, raw unsalted cashews, lime, cremini mushrooms, portobello caps, olive oil and tortillas to elevate taste and appearance to a whole new level.

Can’t wait to have this luscious vegan Mexican dish? You can get the recipe for this Vegan Enchiladas And Creamy Hot Mushroom Sauce on the next page below.

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