Vegan Energy Bowl

Yes, you can make an easy and healthy salad out of chickpeas and kale. This Vegan Energy Bowl is going to be your new favorite meal. It’s a great source of energy after a morning workout. It’s packed with healthy fats, nutrients, protein, as well as tons of fiber, vitamins and minerals!

Eating salad is one of the best ways you can do to boost your immune system. As long as you add the right ingredients, you will not just get the goodness you want but also the health boost that you need. You already know that kale and chickpeas are good for you – so here’s a quick and simple vegan recipe you can make for yourself.

vegan energy bowl plant based easy healthy dietTreat your body right with this healthy vegan meal. This nutrient-filled dish is created from the combination of tahini with lime and coriander, roasted sweet potato, chickpeas, sliced red onion, and roughly chopped kale. It’s super easy to make – just toss everything together and enjoy your bowl of pure happiness!

If you’re experiencing out-of-control cravings over this phenomenal vegan dish, you can get the recipe for this Vegan Energy Bowl on the next page below.

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