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Vegan Falafel Dogs

If you’re craving for something different, then these Vegan Falafel Dogs are perfect. There’s just something appealing about foods on a stick. Plus, they are more fun to eat. I like to say the kids will really like this fun vegan food. But let’s be honest, I really love them myself.

This fried goodness is totally a banging vegan recipe. It calls for using Garbanzo Beans, chickpea flour, and vegan hot dogs. They are brilliantly dark golden brown on each side, tasty, and with a little crunch. They look amazing and the falafel mixture around the vegan hot dog perfectly light and delicious..

This food concept is also very stylish and everything about it is completely attention grabbing and complementary. You know you are dying to make this vegan recipe right now. You’ll like the idea of food on a stick – they are borderline genius and make life so much easier.

how to make vegan falafel dogsNo longer is the falafel thought of as a boring adult food from around the globe. You can bring it to the 21st century for the kids and they will love it. And of course if the kids are begging for it, you get to cook it for yourself too. It’s a win win. The perfectly healthy vegan diet may not include these tasty treats. But being boring is so yesterday. Have some fun with your vegan food!

The Plant Strong Vegan is responsible for these creative photos and recipe. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Falafel Dogs here.

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