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Vegan Fast Food Restaurant Is Expanding Nationwide

If you don’t live on the west coast then you have probably never eaten at this vegan fast food restaurant. Those who have had the pleasure will tell you that it is amazing. Vegan fast food as far as the eye can see.

Ever think how nice it would be to go to a fast food restaurant and only see vegan options on the menu? That’s what you get at Veggie Grill. As far as the eye can see there is nothing but delicious vegan menu choices. Now that’s a fast food restaurant to get excited about.

vegan fast food menu items

The vegan fast food options at Veggie Grill are to die for. The beyond burger, Vegan fried chicken, vegan tacos, vegan soup, vegan cake, vegan brownies, the list goes on and on. Don’t worry if there isn’t a Veggie Grill near you right now. We have good news for you.

If you have been wishing for a vegan fast food restaurant near you then you could be in luck. Veggie Grill has just received funding to expand nationwide. They will be starting a roll out across the United States that should be completed by 2020.

The 28-location vegan restaurant chain announced it had raised another $22 million from investors. The chain plans to double in size in the next three years with the new round of funding. Veggie Grill launched in 2006, opening its first location in Irvine, California. All of its locations are currently on the West Coast but they will be expanding to the Midwest and east coast according to BI.

vegan fast food veggie grill nationwide
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If you would like to check out their current locations and menu items you can visit the Veggie Grill for more information.

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