Vegan Fermented Pancakes

Where are all my pancake addicts at? These Vegan Fermented Pancakes are not ordinary. They are crafted in an awesome way to make them the best. You know I have a slight obsession with vegan pancakes and this recipe is a ‘must add’ to my list!

Fermented pancakes sound so intriguing, don’t they? This recipe calls for mixing flour and water and letting it sit for several hours or overnight. And believe it or not, these pancakes are surprisingly light and delicious. They are really fluffy pancakes too.

The process of fermentation is when something breaks down into smaller parts or substances. It’s what makes beer, wine and other things amazing. You’d be surprised what it does to pancakes. Fermented foods are key to gut health which is where 70% of your immune system to make vegan fermented pancakes

These soft flat cakes are made with only 3 ingredients – water, garbanzo flour, and white flour. They are made sugar free too! Optional ingredients include vanilla, a sprinkling of cinnamon, berries, and shredded apple. This stack of pancakes looks totally fantastic.

They are slightly fluffy on the inside and a little crispy on the surface. Healthy and filling – that’s what defines these pancake goodness. You have never have pancakes that lighten up like these do. It really is incredible.

With few ingredients and simple to follow instructions, this recipe yields at least 10 unbelievably moist and super appealing pancakes. Make the entire batch and make sure you share with everyone you love. And don’t tell them they were made using a fermenting process. Wait until they see how incredible they are to spring that surprise on them.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Olive Oil And Lemons. You can get this Vegan Fermented Pancakes Recipe by clicking here.

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