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Vegan Filet ‘O Fish Sandwich

While McDonald’s logo may be “I’m lovin’ it”, the fact is, vegan’s are not loving it. This post is for vegans who may crave things like the filet ‘o fish sandwich. Is there really a delicious way to make it vegan? The Edgy Vegan says yes!

The secret to making a vegan fish sandwich of course is the fish. How do you duplicate that light crispy patty that is the centerpiece of this sandwich? The answer is eggplant. Well it’s slightly more complicated than that as you have to know how to prepare it. But basically that is the secret. And since you are eating a sandwich based around eggplant you know it will be healthy for you. But will it be tasty?

The answer to that question is yes! This is a sandwich recipe you really should try at least once. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you like it. If you’re ready to try it you can get the recipe information on the next page.

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  1. Let me say as the owner of this page we appreciate you visiting it and commenting. But at least please know what you are commenting about.

    First of all, everyone who made a MdDonald’s comment didn’t read the article for sure. It’s a home made recipe. Jesus Christ.

    Secondly, being vegan is not eating animal product, or doing other things that harms animals. By that definition this recipe is just as vegan as any other vegan recipe.

    Do you choose to eat healthier vegan food? Awesome. I think that’s amazing. Everyone should eat healthier. But comment and say you don’t think it’s healthy. That makes sense. Commenting and saying it isn’t vegan just makes you look ignorant. And I don’t mean that in a condescending way. It’s just the truth.

    Be blessed. And thanks for visiting and for your comments. Both are very much appreciated.

    1. I grew up eating meat. So if I find vegan comfort foods from my past, I love it. Even better if my non vegan friends & family can love it too…and see that I don’t only eat nuts and twigs and salads. What better way to show them that there is a yummy way to eat without harming animals (healthy or not, that is my motivation).

    1. This is McDonalds inspired. Meaning they took made this thinking back on the fish sandwich at McDonalds, and prepared it themselves to make it vegan.

  2. Why can’t you just be happy for a vegan option? I never go there nor do I plan to.Probably for the same reasons as everyone else.If I should end up there I will be happy there is something for me to eat.

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