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Vegan ‘Fish’ Tacos With Slaw

Vegans do not eat Fish. Most vegans don’t want any fish. But for those who crave something like vegan fish tacos now have an option. All of the flavor and texture of fish tacos with none of the guilt.

Just a few years ago this would have been nearly impossible. But the new Gardein Golden Fishless Filet product makes it possible and delicious. Of course you must have a light crispy fishless patty to make this delicious fish taco happen. And Gardein provides it.

vegan fish tacos with slaw recipe

Now you pile on some of the things that make these tacos have that classic taste and you are in business. You need a nice mayo based sauce, the perfect amount of seasonings and spices, and of course a taco shell. And to make this vegan twist on a classic recipe complete, a rich and robust slaw you will love.

Thanks to Vegetarian Food Lab for this recipe and the awesome pics. You can get the recipe on their site by clicking here.

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