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9 Vegan Foods You Will Never Be Able To Eat Again

Do you like apples, peaches, almonds, lettuce, broccoli, cranberries, squash, melons, or blueberries? If so you might be surprised to learn that in only a couple of years these foods may not exist any more. Yes, your kids or grandkids may never know what it’s like to eat watermelon or blueberries.

If you have read many of my articles you probably know my sister is my source of vegan inspiration. She got me on this lifestyle and basically held my hand until I could do it on my own. Knowing this you can understand why I nearly fainted when she sent me a link to a video explaining why all of the awesome delicious foods I mention above will not be here to eat soon. Imagine never eating a ripe juicy apple again. How about never having another water melon or steamed broccoli! It’s hard to imagine!

Unfortunately I am not making it up. The US lost 23% of it’s crops like this last year. And at the rate we are going there won’t be any crops like this in just a couple of years! If you are as stunned as I was to hear about this you are probably wanting answers. And why isn’t this the leading story on the TV news every single day? Sadly it’s a news story that doesn’t get covered at all. A few bloggers and alternative news sources will talk about it. But that’s about it. You need to watch the short 3 minute video my sister sent me that explains why we are about to lose all of these amazing foods forever. It’s shocking and a little scary. You can see it on the next page.

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