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9 Vegan Foods You Will Never Be Able To Eat Again

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  1. This has happened before. We still have our foods that they were claiming may be lost. Not sure if I would believe unless it actually gets scarce.

  2. Slightly overdramatic and more than a little misleading. The video doesn’t explain much of anything unless you visit their website which probably also sucks. More importantly the girl in the video should have picked a different dress lol. Something is very wrong there. I’ll give this page a few more days to prove its worth but so far I am not impressed

  3. Maybe in other states, but I live in California. Our state revolves around farming so there is no way it would all shut down. Not to mention we have endless amounts of farmers markets also.

  4. Everything she says is only verbal, She gives no info with resources to back up what she is saying. Where is she getting this information. Im not saying she is wrong but until facts come into to play its no more than just a boring Obama speech, But everyone is entitled to their opinion 🙂

  5. Thank you posted on my page this important news for everyone not just vegans, but I wish everyone was!

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