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Vegan Freekeh With Butternut Squash, Orange And Shallots

These vegan Freekeh With Butternut Squash, Orange And Shallots have a firm, chewy texture and distinct flavor that’s earthy, nutty, and smoky. You should definitely try this recipe the next time you are thinking about making a rice recipe. You will get something even better.

So what is freekeh? I had the same question several years ago because I had never heard of it before. Well first of all it is an amazing and delicious vegan food. It’s an ancient roasted grain that is made from durum wheat. It has a very unique smoky nutty flavor that beats the taste of rice and quinoa, hands to make vegan freekeh with butternut squash, orange and shallotsThis lovely main course served with steamed green vegetables and a dollop of non-dairy yogurt will seriously send you a good vibe.  It looks really inviting and so fresh. They are soft versatile, and wildly savory. Look at the finely chopped onions, cooked chickpeas, heaping diced butternut squash, chopped parsley, and peeled shallots – they are very good!

Give this dish a try the next time you have a craving for a vegan rice recipe. This will give you a different flavor than rice with a lot more health benefits. Freekeh has more protein and fiber than your normal brown rice and it has a much more complex flavor profile. Trust me, give it a try.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Coconut And Berries. You can get this Vegan Freekeh With Butternut Squash, Orange And Shallots Recipe by clicking here.

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