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Vegan Southern Fried Chicken, Collard Greens, Cole Slaw

Ready to cook the best vegan fried chicken ever? This is hands down the most delicious vegan fried chicken recipe we have seen. It’s very creative and easy to make. If you love that crispy juicy taste and texture of fried chicken, but don’t want to actually harm any chickens to get it, try this easy vegan recipe.

I grew up in the south. If you live in the south then you grew up on fried chicken. It’s a Sunday dinner tradition. It’s a church dinner tradition. People bring their best fried chicken to family reunions, funeral wakes, and birthday parties. If you can make good friend chicken then everyone is guaranteed to love it. It’s a badge of honor.


Now that I am vegan I don’t eat chicken but I still want that tradition in my life. I miss it. So why not blow all my southern friends and family away with some vegan fried chicken. I’ll warn you, if this is something you want to do for southern family and friends don’t use just any old vegan fried chicken recipe or you will be embarrassed. But this one will impress. I promise.

The secret to this crispy, juicy vegan friend chicken recipe is the rice paper. You can get these spring roll wrappers at nearly any grocery store and they will take you from fried chicken zero to hero. Of course the seasoning is important. But that is the easy part. The hard part is getting that crispy crunch on the outside and the juicy flavor on the inside.

The mad genius at the Official Hungry came up with this amazing vegan recipe. Not only will you get the recipe, there is also a great, easy to follow video too. Check out the recipe and video for this yummy vegan fried chicken recipe on the next page below.

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