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Vegan Party Cupcakes

Looking for a bright, happy color, and festive food recipe? These Vegan Party Cupcakes are what you’re looking for! It’s all of those things! They are delightfully sweet and tender! Every bite into these vegan cupcakes will surely bring you a burst of pleasure. Who knew vegan food could be so much fun?

Cupcakes are timeless. This scrumptious dessert is both delicious and stylish. Baked fresh and topped with creamy frosting, this charming treat is an easy favorite. And if you think that the magic comes from its traditional eggs-butter-milk ingredients, you’re completely wrong. This vegan and healthier version of cupcakes is so much better and perfect for any occasion.

vegan funfetti cupcakes vegetarian dessert healthy dietMade from scratch, wholesome and top quality ingredients are the things that make these cupcakes the best. When whipping these you’ll only need plain non-dairy yogurt, unsweetened applesauce, melted coconut oil, vegan cane sugar, non-dairy milk, unbleached all-purpose flour, and vegan rainbow sprinkles. Then for the frosting you only need vegan buttercream. Combine all these ingredients and voila! You’ll have cute and delicious cupcakes.

The recipe is simple, incredibly delicious and suitable for all cooking levels. Get this recipe for Vegan Party Cupcakes on the next page below.

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