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Vegan German Chocolate Dessert Bars

When you hear the words “German Chocolate” you instantly think cake. You don’t think vegan, gluten free or healthy. But what if I told you these German Chocolate Dessert Bars were just that? A vegan, gluten free, healthy dessert? If you love desserts you will love this one.

Try to forget the name of this recipe. A dessert bar sounds like some dry, processed, unhealthy creation to leave you unsatisfied and broke. This is not that kind of dessert bar. First of all you are making it so it will be fresh. And it’s packed with some pretty healthy ingredients too. All of the sweetness comes from nature and the taste is incredible. All of the richness you love in a German Chocolate Cake without any of the guilt.

If you make it please let us know how you rate it! This Vegan German Chocolate Dessert Bars recipe is on the next page below!

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