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Vegan Ginger-Mint Detox

This Vegan Ginger-Mint Detox is a simple and enjoyable way to battle the bloating bulge. You’ll be impressed by its healing effect. As a nice bonus it’s not just healthy, it’s really delicious.

This recipe is the bomb! It uses ginger known to soothe the stomach and help you feel better from gas-producing foods. Then there’s the cucumber which contain antioxidants that draw out dirt. So it is refreshing and cleansing at the same time! It will reboot your system after eating too much. how to make vegan ginger-mint detox

The bright green color it offers is just beautiful and inviting. From the moment you see this tasty drink in your glass you will want to taste it immediately. If presentation is everything then trust us, this tasty drink has everything. If course it doesn’t just rely on it’s good looks. There is some real nutrition in there with definite health benefits.

This is a fresh, minty drink that is good for digestion. The romaine leaves on top gives this recipe a nice and crisp mouthwatering twist. Put all the ingredients together and squeeze in some fresh lime and you’re good to go! Sweet, tangy, with a citrus punch. Drink up.

Yuri Elkaim is the genius behind these photos and this vegan drink recipe. It is easy to blend this juice veggie; Get the recipe for this Vegan Ginger-Mint Detox by clicking here.

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