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The Ugliest Vegan Cookies Are Also The Most Delicious!

Is it possible to make something delicious, but free of butter and milk? The answer: Yes. How? By using this Vegan Ugly Cookies recipe. These are definitely some ugly vegan cookies. But they taste great and are good for you. Also, they are crazy easy to make. These cookies will suit everyone’s preference!

how to make vegan good cookies

Vegan dessert is something to celebrate. It is about all the spectacular sweet treats. You know those lusciously decadent treats that will make you feel good.  While some people prefer the melt-in-the-mouth creamy and soft dessert, others like theirs with a little crunch. That said, those people go for cookies. This type of treat is crispy and delicious. Cookies have endless possibilities, and if you crave flavor and texture, this recipe will swift you off your feet.

These bite size treats are amazing! With ingredients like almond nuts, rolled oats, spelt flour, melted coconut oil and maple syrup you can craft these life-changing breakfast cookies. They are so beautiful and appetizing!

If you are ready to make this amazing vegan recipe then let’s do it! You can get the recipe for these Ugly Vegan Cookies on the next page below.

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