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Vegan Granola Graham Smores

Did you honestly think smores are only made with a bonfire? Well, you’re wrong. These Vegan Granola Graham Smores are going to thrill you. It’s one of a kind. Better than the traditional recipe. Add a little bit of chewiness, crunchiness, and chocolaty goodness in your life!

Smores never get out of style. Perfect as camping or outdoor snack, this kid-friendly food is created with marshmallows and chocolate goodness. It’s supposed to be fun, delicious and appealing if it weren’t for the animal suffering it also contains. Don’t let the production companies fool you. Against all forms of cruelty, this vegan recipe makes an even larger hope for all of us.

vegan granola graham smores healthy easy plant based diet

While some enjoys an expensive treat, some loves the coziness of a small, simple, homemade smores. This easy vegan recipe is made with few ingredients like vegan marshmallows, cooking oats, cinnamon, maple syrup, and oat flour. It’s quick and easy so you won’t be stressed out making the one thing that will make you happy.

Suspense controlling your mind? Find your way out. You can get the recipe for these heavenly Vegan Granola Graham Smores on the next page below.

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