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Vegan Greek Salad Sandwich

If your mind flames at the thought of killing animals for food, you’re on the right place. This Vegan Greek Salad Sandwich is light, refreshing, and really flavorful without any animal content. Prepare yourself for a beautiful experience.

Sandwiches has long been a popular kind of food that is super simple to make and really healthy. And if you’re a fan of Greek salad, you will love this satisfying meal. From the regular recipe, the currents are moving in a new direction. Bringing in a fresh new take of vibrancy, style, and amazing flavor combination, this easy plant based recipe redefines sandwich as we know it.

vegan greek salad sandwich plant based easy healthy diet

The makeover will sweep you off your feet. Traditionally, sandwiches are composed of cheese, ham and of course, chunk of meats. But the most appealing version doesn’t contain any of that. Instead, this recipe uses chopped red onion, artichoke hearts, fresh dill, roasted red pepper, lemon, cooked chickpeas, cucumber and tahini. Lettuce, tomato, sprouts and pickles are also added as toppings.

Are you ready for this game changing vegan recipe? You can get the recipe for this Vegan Greek Salad Sandwich on the next page below.

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