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Vegan Green Mango Spinach Smoothie Bowl

This Vegan Green Mango Spinach Smoothie Bowl is thick, tangy, and sweet. You will absolutely love its powerful taste and satisfying and hydrating properties. And it’s full of vegan food that packs a nutritional punch!

People ask me all the time if vegan smoothies are good for you. I have a simple answer to that question. Absolutely! Unlike fruit juices, a smoothie retains all of  the good stuff in the whole food, mainly the fiber. So you get a delicious treat without sacrificing any of the nutrition.

This green drink is extremely delicious. The spinach and green dragon mango complemented each other and produce a soft sweet taste like no other. The vegan ingredients combine flawlessly with consistent smoothness and produced a vibrant green color that is bursting with nutrients.

The visually striking coconut flakes and sesame seeds toppings add to it’s eye catching beauty and will make you crave it I promise. It is also important that smoothies are not just good for appearance but also great for the body. So, this vegan drink is packed with incredible health benefits like protein and essential Omega-3’s.

how to make green mango spinach smoothie bowlWhether you like to have a nice delicious smoothie for breakfast or you just like them as a refreshing snack you will want to add this simple vegan recipe for smoothies to your list. Green smoothies are really sweet and delicious when made right and this one is. Full of so many great vegan foods but still sweet and yummy!

These beautiful photos and vegan smoothie recipe are courtesy of Will Frolic For Food. Go green in the morning; you can get the recipe for this Vegan Green Mango Spinach Smoothie Bowl by clicking here.

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