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Vegan Green Pea Steak Burger With Hummus

Simple truth, a healthy, delicious, meat-free patty does exist. This Vegan Green Pea Steak Burger With Hummus has elements that brings a different texture, flavor and color to the table. It is really hard to resist jumping your fork into that bowl of veggie bliss. This is a vegan steak burger you will feel good about eating.

Any food recipe that has a long list of ingredients, some unfamiliar items, is often intimidating to make. But think of it this way: would you rather buy a processed food with a long list of chemical-laden ingredients or make a homemade dish with quality components? You decide.

vegan green pea patty easy plant based healthy diet

This plant based food needs numerous items to make. But all are meatless and scrumptious. Best of all, these are masterfully created with quality ingredients like fresh frozen green peas, uncooked brown rice, oat flour, lemon juice, smoked paprika, ground cumin, tahini, radishes and chickpeas.

What more can you ask for a protein-packed patties, roasted veggies, and hummus entangled in a bed of pea shoots? The patties are perfect for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. They are light golden brown and appear flavorsome.

If there is one great-tasting recipe that will convince you of how delicious veggie patty can be, this is it. Don’t just grab anything from the supermarket. Try this blissful entrée instead. The instructions are really simple to follow and do up to 4 main dishes.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Blissful Basil. You can get this Vegan Green Pea Steak Burger With Hummus Recipe at the link below.


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