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Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwich And Tomato Soup

Who wants the ultimate vegan grilled cheese sandwich? I ask myself why, as a vegan, I am still drawn to grilled cheese sandwiches? I think it is one of those childhood meals many of is get sentimental attachments too. Of course cheese isn’t a vegan food so there is a small problem as you can see. Are you a vegan with a grilled cheese sandwich craving?

The problem with being vegan and wanting a grilled cheese sandwich is that most vegan cheese doesn’t melt right. You can buy several good vegan cheese products and they will work great in a lot of recipes and applications. For example, our recipe for the ultimate vegan nacho cheese sauce is incredible! But they never seem to hold up to the ultimate test. The incredibly simple grilled cheese sandwich. That all changes with this amazing grilled cheese sandwich recipe!

I found this recipe last week and tried it. It gets my childhood memories seal of approval! You can check out the details on this vegan grilled cheese sandwich on the next page.

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    1. I ate a slice of daiya cheese pizza, and promptly threw the rest of the pizza in the trash. It’s good in stuff in small amounts, but I have yet to find a cheese that is good as the main ingredient in a vegan dish.

    2. I tried Chao Cheese for the first time and fell in love with it. The Coconut Herb with Black Pepper Cheese Slices are so freaking good. I definitely recommend you trying it out.

    3. I like sprinkling Daiya over salads but it turns to glue if you melt it. Definitely not a good substitute. Cashew and almond cheeses are the closest to cheese that I’ve had.

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