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The Best Designer Vegan Handbags And Purses

A trendy vegan knows what to wear or to be accurate on what not to wear. Nothing sets off the perfect outfit like a vegan handbag. The big question for a lot of us is “Where can I buy vegan handbags?” I know in my town there certainly aren’t any vegan fashion stores. Trying to buy things like vegan shoes or handbags can really be challenging. For people in my situation you have to order online. And then trying to find anything fashionable online is nearly impossible.

I am an ethical vegan so it’s more than just about the food I eat. As a rule of thumb, any product that has animals in it such as leather, animal skin (popularly snake and alligator skins), silk, wool, cashmere, camel hair and many others are a big NO. On the safe side, man-made and synthetic products and plant-based clothing such as cotton are acceptable.

One of the hardest things to find is trendy vegan handbags. For many vegans across the globe, the most common option for vegan clothes, handbags, and accessories is to shop online. Personally, this is also what I do because it is difficult to find a physical store in my area that offers vegan fashion. Being in the vegan business our company gets contacted by other vegan companies to test their products. That happened recently and I fell in love with Gunas!

designer vegan handbags

Gunas New York is the first 100% vegan handbag brand. They were established in 2009 and since then they have grown into the most fashionable vegan handbag designers in the world. When you see some of the bags they are designing they will literally blow you away! I was lucky to be able to find them from being in the business or I may have never known they existed!

affordable vegan handbags

On this page you see several examples of the beautiful vegan handbags they sell. All of them are first designed to be 100% vegan and cruelty free, and secondly to be fashionable. No matter how dressed up you want to get they have a handbag that will be perfect for your outfit. From your standard sleek basic black handbags, to beautifully jeweled bags, to those with some attitude. The selection is amazing and you will find something you love I guarantee it!

Sugandh is the owner and designer behind the company and all of the amazing vegan handbags they offer. She is originally from India but moved to America in 2001. Being a vegan she witnessed the horrible treatment of cows and other animals and wanted to make a difference. She hit up her friends and family for donations and loans to start a vegan handbag design company and she has grown it into one of the most popular in the world. I love her passion and dedication to veganism, and I really love her handbags!

If you have any stores or places online that you like to shop for your vegan clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories we would love to hear about it. Just comment in the comment section of the site below or comment on this post on Facebook. Let us know where you buy your vegan handbags or other accessories. If we all share information like this it will help us all in the vegan community.

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