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Vegan Holiday Recipes: No Bake Pumpkin Pie

In our search for the easiest vegan holiday recipes we found this beauty. An amazing vegan pumpkin pie recipe that doesn’t require any baking? That sounds too simple right. But it’s true. This is a recipe that will take some of the stress out of cooking vegan holiday desserts.

If you want an easy vegan holiday thanksgiving recipe then add this one to the list. A decadent pumpkin pie that doesn’t even require you to turn on the stove sounds too good to be true. But here it is. This is one of those vegan holiday recipes that can be made at the last minute, or you can just plan it to make the holidays easier.


One of the keys to making vegan holiday meals easier is to make as much in advance as possible. This pumpkin pie is great because you can make it the day before, pop it in the fridge, and it will be perfect for your guests on the big day. Holiday treats like this are a time saver for the chef in the house.

There are only 7 ingredients in the delicious filling, 8 in the crust. It’s a really simple vegan recipe that has so much flavor. It screams holiday dessert from the moment you smell it. With the ginger, ground ginger, cinnamon and cloves in that delicious filling, you will not be disappointed.

The real secret to this way too easy vegan holiday recipes is the crust. I’m not even kidding here. The almond coconut gingerbread crust makes this holiday dessert come to life. Perfectly crumbly, sweet, with a hint of holiday spice. You may want to just eat the crust. It’s certainly that tempting. And to think it requires no baking. None!

This is one of the many vegan holiday recipes we will be sharing this year. This one, along with the beautiful pictures, is courtesy of vegan richa. You can learn how to make this vegan pumpkin pie by clicking here.

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