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Vegan Chocolate Truffles

These Vegan Chocolate Truffles are the answer to everything. They could be if you are like my sister anyway. She says chocolate truffles may not solve every problem in life but she’s going to keep eating them and hoping. My sister is funny. She loves these vegan chocolate truffles too.

Truffles are considered to be ‘fancy candy’ and they aren’t traditionally thought of as vegan food. People usually serve chocolate truffles at parties or holiday events. I always save this vegan dessert recipe and bring it out at Christmas. But it’s great anytime as my sister will attest to. how to make vegan holiday trufflesThis is the best vegan truffle recipe I have tried over the past few years. First of all because it turns out delicious and amazing every time. But also because it’s the simplest of many I have tried. You have the basic truffle ingredients with some vegan food substitutions, and a simple prep. Anyone can make these beauties. You only need five ingredients.

The dark cherries inside those chocolate balls will make your taste buds do the happy dance. The crushed pistachios and peppermints for toppings will stir you up inside is ways you can’t imagine. My sister may be right. Perhaps these sweet little delicious vegan chocolate truffles are the answer to all of life’s problems.

These photos and this amazing vegan dessert recipe are courtesy of The Plant Strong Vegan. You can get the recipe for these Vegan Holiday Truffles by clicking here.

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