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Vegan Honey In 15 Minutes Using Only Two Ingredients!

A few months ago we wrote an article about honey and the discussion on whether it is vegan or not. We did not take a side, we only presented two well thought out articles from two of the most respected people in the vegan movement. If you missed that debate you can read it here.

Today I was reading private messages on the Facebook page when I saw one that piqued my interest. A fan of our page named Carolyn said she had a simple vegan honey recipe that was the perfect substitute for honey. When she said you only needed two ingredients I was really intrigued. Of course that was a claim I had to investigate immediately.

Turns out she was right! You really can make a simple vegan honey substitute and it’s easier than you might imagine. You only need 15 minutes and two ingredients. Get this simple recipe on the next page!

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