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Vegan Hot Wings Recipe

My favorite time of year is fall. Partly for the weather but mainly for football and food! Tailgating is a must! When I went Vegan I was afraid I would never have the joy of tailgating with a lot of friends again. And I didn’t to begin with. But over time I have learned that you can tailgate with the best of them and keep it Vegan! This recipe is another of my favorites. How can you resist that spicy punch in the face from the perfect buffalo sauce? And just like there aren’t any wings that come from buffalo (the animal anyway) there aren’t any actual wings in this creative vegan recipe.

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  1. Yeah it looks so good ! Oh yeah tomorrow meeting at work is cancelled btw I would’ve text you but I lost your number when my phone broke . Wendy Garibay

  2. Holy sh_t, that’s a lot of chickens. That’s disgusting. Wishing everyone knew… and cared. :/

  3. I’m not I’m understanding why people that aren’t vegan are on a Vegan Addict page making provoking comments. I guess they really need attention from strangers because they can’t get it elsewhere.

  4. OMG this post was enough to delete myself from this group i respect everyone’s food choice nobody is perfect y’all have a lot to learn

  5. I don’t disagree with eating meat, I eat meat myself. What I do disagree with is the inhumane conditions some animals are kept in before they are slaughtered. I think instead of vegans vs meat eaters, we should all put our energy into banning practices such as battery farming for chickens or the horrid treatment veal calfs receive. Let’s work together to improve the conditions these poor creatures are kept in

  6. I got all my ingredients for mine πŸ˜‰ yum yum yum trying some beyond meat “chicken” for the first time. I’m excited πŸ˜€

  7. Peggy Sue, completely unnecessary to accuse someone of being stupid. That’s just ridiculous, especially in regards to the subject–food! Show some restraint with your negativity, maybe save it for yourself, or at least mutter it out loud to yourself. Just not right to deliberately offend someone

  8. Jan Jones – it was completely necessary in response to what she read. I would have said the same thing! I liked a vegan page because I’m interested in it. But after this post.. I’m out of here. Hypocrites and assholes.

  9. Like the recipe, but WHY? dishes we make have to be named the way meat dishes are ? Vegan is vegan, don’t you think? πŸ˜‰

  10. Okay, so I just made this recipe, and we are enjoying it now. I thought the batter required a bit more liquid, so I added maybe another 1/8 cup, otherwise it would have been a bit too thick. Also, maybe the head of cauliflower I had was extra-large, but that was not nearly enough hot sauce coating – it needed at least another 1/2 cup. You will probably also need two cookie sheets for all of it, not just one. It is very delicious, though, just thought I would let people know.

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