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Shocking Study: Meatless Hotdogs Contain Meat – Human DNA

I’ll admit I don’t really go for the meatless hot dogs too much. The main reason is vegan hot dogs just aren’t very tasty. I’ve tried all of the major vegetarian vegan hot dog brands and found you have to dress them up a lot to make them edible. But I never imagined it was much much worse than just their taste!

Clear food just completed a study of hot dogs and sausages. They included vegan and vegetarian brands in their study. Some of the results are disturbing and shocking. Human DNA in hot dogs? I don’t know ANYONE who wants to eat another humans flesh. And the most disturbing of all is that about 10% of meatless hot dogs, like vegan and vegetarian brands, had meat in them. Mainly chicken.

From their website: “We were surprised to find that prepared vegetarian sausages face some pretty serious challenges including hygienic and substitution issues. Finding even trace amounts of meat in vegetarian products is troubling, especially because many vegetarians abstain from eating meat for dietary, ethical, and religious reasons.”

There is some good news though. They found some high quality brands putting out top notch products too. So there is a silver lining. You can see the full details about the report and their brand findings on the next page.

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  1. This article does not provide information about which products they found to contain meat or have human dna. It reads more as an advertisement for stores and brands of hot dogs. Lots of info on meat products, which is useless for your readers here. πŸ™

  2. Sadly, this article shows how easily people are fooled into believing anything. This report has been making the rounds and has everyone shouting indignantly about what was found in the hot dogs. Not that hot dogs aren’t full of disgusting things, it’s just that this report doesn’t show any facts to back up their statements.

    The biggest problem with the report is that they refuse to actually name the products they supposedly tested and found problems with or show the test results. When asked, they simply redirect you to their report. Anyone can make claims, but without facts to back them up, the claims are completely worthless.

    This disclaimer is on their site:, Clear Labs, Inc., their third party licensors and their officers, directors, employees, agents and contractors (“personnel”) do not warrant that the Content is accurate, reliable, current or error free, that errors will be corrected or that the website will be uninterrupted or secure, free of viruses or other harmful components.

    So basically, they don’t have to tell the truth.

    People, please, please stop believing everything you see on the internet. Check the facts, be skeptical, and ask lots of questions. If they refuse to answer them, give a generic cut and paste answer, or make up their own unverifiable facts, run far away from them.

    As George Washington once said, “The internet is full of snake oil salesmans and the fools who keep them in business”. πŸ˜‰

  3. Sounds like a conspiracy. As meat finally gets the much needed nod for the garbage bin, vegan foods get trashed. I don’t buy it. I don’t really like them anyway, but it is just so convenient to do this now out of al times. As if to say “what’s better, cancer or cannibalism?” Nice try!

    1. I’ll have to try those, I like smart dogs, they are pretty tasty and the texture is the same. I want to try the gardein ones. I have yet to try something by gardein that I don’t like lol

  4. Clickbaity and misleading way to start things off.

    First, no one cares about your preferences for vegan food. I think vegan hotdogs are great, if you don’t like them, don’t buy them and don’t use it as the first thing you start with, it’s not an argument pertaining to the topic.

    Second, nowhere does it say that the vegan hotdogs contained meat. Human DNA does not automatically imply meat. Skin cells, saliva and hair has DNA.

    You can argue that these companies need to step up their hygiene. You can’t slander them by saying they put meat in their products (much less human meat).

    1. Vegan Addict Pretty sure all of these comments were FROM vegans.
      This was the link that caused me to finally unfollow after every link this page has posted has been full of other links.
      This is a public page, if you can’t handle criticism from the vegan community, that’s your problem, not ours.

    2. Vegan Addict – I don’t care if no one asked, you have a misleading header, which you still haven’t changed for some reason.

      I’m calling you out on your nonsense and lack of reading comprehension. The least you can do is amend the mistakes you’ve written.

      I’m not going to let you tarnish veganism with dumb articles. I care more about animals than trying to score some points with a clickbait article.

  5. i guess this is what they’re calling “fake news” these days? empty articles that have poorly sourced info that don’t actually list any dangers or even say how they tested and found these results that they arent even sharing? ridiculous, just trying to hype something up and slander vegan companies.

    1. Incorrect. The article summarize and then linked to a peer reviewed study. If you have an issue with the results of the study you could surely take that up with it’s authors.

    2. if its accuraten then dont see why youre even sharing it instead of just making a post of what the results were to clearly spread the world. i read through the article and the study, didnt see the results, maybe it was just that poorly done.

  6. Sounds more like a Trader Joe’s soryizo ad…a product that was previously pulled off the shelf because the recipe was inaccurate…aka…not vegan. Is this a sick way of promoting updated products?

    1. Yeah, I used to get it all the time too, then one day it just disappeared from the shelf! I asked the manager what happened, and they said they had to recall it because of the ingredients. A few months later, after they fixed the
      recipe, it was back on the shelf like nothing happened. So weird.

  7. You can click to a website that claims to test ingredient claims in both non veg and veg hot dogs for truthfulness in labelling. They say which are best, but not which (specifically) contain animal products. So not super helpful, except yay for Gardein and Trader Joes?

  8. Ridiculous article. Assuming the DNA is flesh is wrong. It’s probably poop. More likely poop. Either way, I didn’t see anything about not eating humans on the vegan society page, so technically, you can still be vegan and eat humans even though we are animals. I guess that’s a gray area. (PS in case people are sensitive today, I’m satirically challenging the militant vegan terminology, not the act of being kind to animals)

    1. I think it’s still vegan if we eat humans who have died recently. Especially here in the US, we have so many obese people that have been marinating in their own fat. They must be delicious.

  9. I am over your page. All you post is bs. You don’t need to guilt trip people into being vegan. We do it because we want to. Exaggerating the truth and twisting words is not the right approach to get people to understand animal rights. It’s just the opposite. It’s pages like this that make it seem like a cult and not a great way to live life. Change your approach

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