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Vegan Hummus Sandwich

If you are looking for something that will put you on the edge of your seat, then brace yourself for this Vegan Hummus Sandwich. This vegan food is healthy, hearty, and fresh. An easy to make and delicious hearty sandwich recipe can save a starving stomach. Try it to believe it!

Sandwiches are probably one of the hardest things to resist. Carnivores and meat lovers often rejoice over the strips of beef or double-pile of pork filling that is common to traditional sandwich recipes. But do not be tempted because foods that contain animals also encompass grief, pain, and suffering. And of course what it does to your own body is a nightmare. Stay on a vegan diet and lifestyle for the win!

vegan hummus sandwich healthy vegetarian dietFortunately you can make a sandwich worth bragging about. This vegan sandwich recipe is better than a sandwich with animal products on it in every way. It is stunning and the flavor is rich and will make your mouth water. This sandwich is piled high with homemade green goddess hummus, sliced thin cucumber, cut to size lettuce, and quick-pickled red onions and carrots.

The lightly toasted, sturdy whole grain bread spread generously with herby green hummus is excellent. Using whole grain bread makes it more filling and packed with nutrients including protein and fiber. Topped with crisp cucumber, some fresh green lettuce and tangy pickles, this easy vegan recipe is super attractive and tasty.

how to make vegan hummus sandwich

Let yourself have the best sandwich experience. This meatless, plant based recipe is the ultimate handheld vegan food that is perfect for your healthy vegan diet. It is easy to assemble and definitely worth the time.

This vegan sandwich recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Cookie And Kate. You can get this Vegan Hummus Sandwich Recipe at the link below.

easy vegan recipe

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