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Vegan Snickers Ice Cream With Only 5 Ingredients

These are your dream dessert. These Vegan 5 Ingredient Ice Cream Snickers are naturally sweetened. They are creamy, rich, caramel-y, peanut-y, crunchy, chocolatey, and totally perfection.

Snickers is a famous American brand for a candy which consists of caramel, peanuts, nougat, and milk chocolate. It is one of the top favorites because of the perfect blend of the ingredients. The taste of Snickers is amazing. The only problem is they are not vegan friendly. Despite its seemingly simple ingredients, in fact it actually has milk, egg whites, artificial flavoring, and lactose. These ingredients are what give the so satisfying flavor of these bars. But no worries, you can happily create your own vegan version using this shockingly close to the original recipe.

What are the primary ingredients of these bars? Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream, pitted salted date caramel, chopped semisweet dairy-free chocolate, and roasted salted peanuts. That’s it! No other hidden artificial flavoring. No harm to the environment and living organisms. These candy bars are truly mouthwatering. The creamy paste look like it will melt in your mouth once you take a bite. The generous drizzle of chocolate over the bars is fantastic. The spread of caramel looks divine. The peanuts on top add to its already amazing appearance. Overall, they look stunning and very delectable!

how to make vegan 5 ingredient ice cream snickersSwoon over these layers of goodness that the recipe brings out. You will definitely want to lay a finger on this fabulous creation. Go make your favorite candy bars or you’ll never know how incredible they are.

This vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Minimalist Baker. You can get this Vegan 5 Ingredient Ice Cream Snickers Recipe by clicking here.

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