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Vegan Jackfruit Fish-free Tacos

Who says that tacos are only for Tuesdays? This Vegan Jackfruit Fish-free Tacos recipe is good enough to eat every day. All the great things about fish tacos without the fish. What’s not to love about that? You can whip these fish tacos up quickly without any fish and all the flavor.

I’ll never forget the first time I had fish tacos. I was in my early teens and my uncle was having a birthday. We went to his favorite restaurant because he loved their fish tacos so much. Now those fish tacos were not vegan at all. But I did love them and haven’t had anything like that since I went vegan. Until now…how to make vegan jackfruit fish-free tacosFinally a vegan fish taco that you can enjoy as a vegan.  This extraordinary recipe is a game changer in the world of vegan cooking. A bunch of jackfruit, chopped green cabbage, avocado slices, radish, and corn tortillas shows us an amazing list of ingredients that we can devour in no time. With this great vegan recipe you get all the texture and flavor without any cruelty.

What’s more amazing is that it’s fused with a spicy, creamy Ancho Chili Cashew Cheese Sauce that makes the perfect contrast for the tacos. A layer of chopped green cabbage and pickled red cabbage, a couple spoonful of fish-free salad on top, avocado slices, drizzled with cheese sauce and few radish slices, this recipe just took no-fish tacos to the next level!

Other than the taste, the best part of this recipe is how fast you can put it together. About 5 minutes to toss the ingredients together, another 5 minutes for the incredible sauce, then you just slice up the avocado and heat the tortillas and you are devouring this delicious vegan meal in less than 30 minutes.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Keepin’ It Kind. You can get this Vegan Jackfruit Fish-free Tacos Recipe by clicking here.

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