3 Vegan Junk Foods You Should Never Buy

With the exception of a few vegan purists, most vegans like to eat junk food from time to time. Moderation is key but there are some vegan junk foods you should never eat.

You never think it will hurt to pick up that yummy looking vegan junk food product in the supermarket, right? It’s sitting there, calling to you. Looking all mouth watering, delicious, and amazing.

We all face this when we are grocery shopping and it’s so easy to not give it a second though. After all, it’s vegan so it must be ok to eat. I’ll agree that veganism is the most important thing when choosing what to eat.

The animals come first and our health comes second. But our health is also important. We should never spend so much time being compassionate and caring towards the animals that we neglect our own lives.

This advice is especially important if you are vegan and trying to lose weight. Many think that going vegan is a magical weight loss cure and it’s not. Just like there is an unhealthy way to eat non-vegan food, there is also an unhealthy way to eat vegan food.

I know a lot of junk food vegans who aren’t healthy at all. Many of them send me messages and ask me why they aren’t losing weight on their vegan diet. The answer is usually found in how much whole food they eat compared to processed foods.

Does all of this mean we should abstain from any pleasurable foods? Do we have to pass on delicious vegan junk food cravings forever?

Absolutely not.

A better plan is to make those indulgences very rare and for special occasions. The rest of the time we can simply replace those commercial products with healthier alternatives. They will be fresh, healthier, and more delicious.

We will cover the three unhealthiest vegan junk food products you should avoid when you are shopping, and we will offer delicious and healthier alternatives you can make at home. These are fast and easy vegan recipes that anyone can make.

What are the benefits of preparing alternatives to your favorite vegan junk food products at home?

  • Healthier
  • Fresher
  • Fewer Calories
  • Better Portion Sizes
  • Confidence in the ingredients
  • Customized to your taste

These are all huge positives. In fact I can only think of one negative to replacing that store-bought junk food with something you make fresh at home.


I always ask myself if the convenience is worth all the things you sacrifice. I’m not saying convenience should never be the deciding factor. I’m just saying it shouldn’t always be the deciding factor. This like health, ingredients, cost, and freshness need to be considered as well.

Let’s take a look at the three vegan junk food items you should probably pass on when you are shopping and opt to make them at home instead. We’ll also offer a healthier vegan recipe as substitute.

Vegan Pizza

There are so many vegan pizza options in stores now that they can be hard to pass up. I remember just a few years ago you’d never see a vegan pizza in the supermarket.

Now there are so many vegan pizza brands in the pizza section now it’s enticing. Amy’s Kitchen Pizza, Tofurky, Daiya, and American Flatbread are just a few of them. I bet just reading the brand names is making you hungry. What’s your favorite vegan pizza to buy?


I know all my fellow vegan pizza lovers are screaming “No!” at me right now, but hear me out. What is so bad about vegan pizza from the store?

Calories – This is probably the biggest concern. I don’t know about you but I can easily eat one of those pizzas by myself. They all average about 1200 calories for an entire pizza. That is too many calories for one person at one sitting.

Preservatives – Many of them have additives to preserve color and freshness. We don’t need these things in our bodies…for any reason.

“May Contain” – How can they not know if their product contains milk or dairy? If you see this on the label you can assume there are at least trace amounts on the product. In fact a recent survey showed this to be true.

You can have a delicious pizza that is also healthy by making it at home. We have several recipes on this site that I personally love. The next time you have a pizza craving, try one of these amazing vegan pizza recipes.

Vegan Cauliflower Crust Pizza

You won’t find a pizza with a healthier crust than this. It’s really delicious and amazing too. You can use the toppings in the recipe or mix it up and include you own. This vegan pizza is miles better than anything you will find in that pizza cooler at the grocery store.

Vegan BBQ Chickpea Pizza

This is another healthier pizza with a ton of flavor. You get plenty of protein from the chickpeas and a delicious BBQ flavor as well. If you want a pizza that is bold and not boring, this one you should try.

Vegan Margherita Pizza

If you have never heard of Moxerella cheese then it’s time you learned about it. That’s the feature of this pizza and, while it’s not quite as healthy as the previous recipes, it’s a lot better than anything in the store. Go ahead, indulge in that beautiful delicious vegan food.

There are still 2 more vegan junk food items you should never buy in the store. We will share both of them with you below and offer some really amazing vegan recipes as alternatives. Is there anything more tempting than walking by that pizza cooler and seeing a vegan pizza there calling your name?

Perhaps there is something more difficult. I know there is for me and it’s vegan ice cream. There are so many of them now. I am completely helpless when it comes to the Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream products and the So Delicious ice cream as well.

What is a person to do? We are only human. I mean what in the world can be so bad about indulging in some cold, delicious ice cream. We spent all those years petitioning Ben & Jerry’s to make it so it stands to reason we should eat it.

Like we said before, indulging in some vegan junk food you buy in the store is something that you can enjoy from time to time. But there are delicious alternatives you can make at home in minutes that are much healthier for you.

What is so bad about vegan ice cream products in your grocers freezer? I’m glad you asked.

Calories – This one applies to the pizza as well as the ice cream. There are a ton of calories in the commercially produced vegan ice creams. Once of those small containers can have as much as 400 calories in it. I don’t know about you but I can polish one of those off easily.

Sugar – Sugar in an apple or banana is good for you. It’s wrapped up in fiber and suspended in water. Your body absorbs the sugar nice and slow. These vegan ice cream products have loads of added sugar and no fiber. It shoots your insulin through the roof and can contribute to metabolic disease.

You can make all natural vegan ice cream at home that is delicious and healthy. This “nice cream” is not only vegan but is mostly made from whole foods. You will get your fix of sugary sweetness but it’s healthy sugar from whole foods.

Save those Ben & Jerry ice cream purchases for rare and special occasions. The rest of the time you can whip up one of these delicious vegan ice cream recipes at home. They only take minutes and they taste amazing.

Vegan Avocado Ice Cream

Avocado makes your homemade vegan ice cream so rich and creamy. It’s also full of those healthy fats that you need. These recipes for vegan ice cream are rich, creamy, sweet, and incredible. Move over Ben & Jerry!


Vegan Candy

There are more and more vegan candy products out there on the market but that doesn’t mean we should eat them. In some of these cases the only difference in the regular version and the vegan version is that they use organic sugar.

Vegan Candy Is Not Healthy

Does that mean we should never eat candy? I don’t think we have to be extreme but I am a big fan of making what you eat so you know what is in it. There is something satisfying about putting every ingredient in what you eat personally.

You can also cut back on the sugar when you make vegan candy recipes at home. I almost never put as much sugar in my candy recipes as it calls for. I don’t need all of that sweetness. The more I do this the less sugar I desire.

What exactly is so bad about buying vegan candy in the store? There are a couple of concerns about commercially produced candy we will mention below but basically candy is just bad for you period. Indulge rarely and savor it when you do.

Calories – Are you noticing a trend? All of the things we are talking about in this article are really high in calories. It’s mostly empty calories too with no nutritional benefit.

Dyes, Preservatives, Additives – This is going to be true of any processed food. The less of them you consume the healthier you will be.

“May Contain” – How can they not know if their product contains milk or dairy? You will see this on a lot of chocolate vegan candy in the store. This is typically because they are made in the same plant as the non-vegan candy.

Trying to lose weight and eat candy is nearly impossible. If you are eating a plant based diet for weight loss this this especially applies to you. Stick with the whole foods and if you do eat sweets, pick a healthy recipe you can make at home.

Vegan Twix In 15 Minutes

I’ll be honest and tell you that this recipe isn’t healthy. So I repeat the warning I made above, please be careful when eating candy. If you are going to eat candy you should make it at home and this is a great recipe to try. 

Instead of candy you should try to enjoy more fruit. Fruit is incredibly sweet and delicious. Fruit is nature’s perfect candy. Not only is it sweet and delicious it is filled with nutrients that are health promoting.

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