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Vegan Kale-Stuffed Phyllo With Ajvar

If you’re looking for a fun food to serve at gatherings, then you’ve come to the right place. This Vegan Kale-Stuffed Phyllo With Ajvar is seriously beyond amazing. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of phyllo before. You will love it I promise.

Phyllo, or phyllo dough, is an unleavend dough used for making pastries and other delicious treats in the middle east. It’s especially popular in central Asia where it originated. I’m sure you have heard of baklava before? It is made with this dough. It’s a great vegan food when made to make vegan kale-stuffed phyllo with ajvarSit back and enjoy life with these small cylindrical pastries filled with a savory stuffing. The filling is made from kale and mashed white beans, evenly-placed in the phyllo dough and firmly rolled up. Then they are thoroughly baked to achieve a crisp and golden brown color. Sprinkled with walnuts, these sweet rolls are incredibly enticing.

Then there’s also the ajvar sauce which serves as a flavorful condiment and leaves a zesty aftertaste. You’ll love every inch of this phyllo rolls, and every dip in that rich red sauce will be spicy.

Robin Robertson is the genius behind these photos and incredibly vegan recipe. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Kale-Stuffed Phyllo With Ajvar by clicking here.

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