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Vegan Kale Tahini Rice Bowl

Because of this great recipe, you will be incredibly happy and healthy. This Vegan Kale Tahini Rice Bowl is rich in iron and flavor!

This hearty leafy green will help you keep up healthy cells while integrating the wow-factor you need in a food. The brown rice makes a perfect base for this dish whilst the sautéed kale, chickpeas, and carrots, looks adventurous. To complete your satisfaction, garnish it with hemp seeds and toasted sesame seeds. You’ll be  surprised that your body would react strongly after you digested the Vitamin C from the lemon juice. Then, the iron from the kale will stabilize your oxygen. That is so remarkable!

how to make vegan kale tahini rice bowl

These unbelievably exciting photos and recipe are produced by The Viet Vegan. Get the recipe for this Vegan Kale Tahini Rice Bowl here.

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