Vegan KFC Fast Food Eating Guide

We are continuing our series on how to eat fast food as a vegan. Today’s article is vegan menu items at KFC. How many vegan items are on the menu at KFC?

Every time we do one of these articles we get lit up in the comments about how supporting fast food restaurants are bad, the food is still garbage even if it is vegan, and how no self respecting vegan would ever eat at these places. We get it. Believe me.

First, relax. Some people would really like to be able to go out to eat with their friends or families sometimes. Some people travel a lot and only have fast food as an option sometimes. There are a million reasons someone may want or need to eat at a fast food restaurant. In a perfect world no one would ever eat fast food. But alas, the world is not perfect. If this article doesn’t apply to you then just skip it and move on. It will be helpful for other people.

So let’s get started and find out what you can eat at KFC in a pinch that is vegan. You do have a few options to choose from.

KFC Fries

kfc fries

KFC has stated many times when asked, and on their website, that their fries are vegan. They are cooked in separate cookers than the chicken and are cooked in vegetable oil. Since I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like fries, this is good news! Now is there a chance that there is cross contamination? Absolutely. So you should always consider this and make your own decision accordingly.

If you’d like to have something other than fries you are in luck. There are some healthier vegetable options for you on the next page below.