Vegan KFC Fast Food Eating Guide

KFC Green Beans

KFC vegan green beans

The green beans on the KFC menu are vegan as is, straight from the menu. Having eaten them several times I can tell you they are not amazing by any means, but they are vegan and will add something to your meal besides fries.

KFC Corn on the Cob

kfc vegan corn on the cob

The corn on the cob from KFC is vegan as long as you make sure to order it without butter! Make sure they understand this when you order and you should be ok. And the corn is actually pretty good. It’s definitely better than the green beans.  But if you order them both you will get a decent mix of vegetables for your vegan meal.

The very last vegan option from KFC is on the next page below and is probably one that will make every vegan happy.