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Vegan Korean BBQ Fruit Tacos

This Vegan Korean BBQ Fruit Tacos are pretty spicy, a little sweet, and nicely balanced with a crunchy slaw. This vegan recipe is a great way to shake things up and add some variety to your tacos.

My sister went to Korea two years ago and all we heard for the next 6 months was how great the Korean food was. She would talk about it constantly. I always wondered if it was really that amazing or if she was just exaggerating to rub it in our face that she went there on. You never know with to make vegan korean bbq fruit tacosThat was my first thought when I saw this vegan Korean recipe. Although the ingredients are not very easy to find, you will not regret making this recipe at all. These tacos are topped with lightly pickled slaw to help cool down the spiciness of the barbecue sauce and add a little bit of crunch.

The jackfruit is coated with the sauce and thickened. And then they are combined with the vegetables to achieve the consistency of the sauce coating. These tacos are assembled attractively. The slaw consisting of shredded nappa cabbage, julienned snow peas, thinly sliced scallions, and sesame seeds is screaming flavor and crispy texture.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Cook It Kind. You can get this Vegan Korean BBQ Fruit Tacos Recipe by clicking here.

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