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Vegan Korean BBQ Tofu

Can a Korean dish be turned into a wholesome vegan food? This Vegan Korean BBQ Tofu is a bowl of goodness. It is so delicious and quick. The pairing of the vegan ingredients to create a healthy version that is perfect in every way. Not only is the vegan BBQ recipe delicious but it’s very affordable.

You may have experienced craving for Korean dish but unfortunately found it pretty hard to eat at a Korean restaurant as a vegan. Korean barbeque is known for using seasoned beef which isn’t vegetarian of course. Fortunately there is a great alternative vegan recipe you will love. This could become a new favorite at your house for sure.

vegan korean bbq sticky rice easy healthy plant based diet

What makes this vegan BBQ recipe so tasty?. It starts with sticky rice, sprouted firm tofu, bbq sauce, garlic avocado aioli, kimchi and chives. The components are so amazing and they taste really good. Warm, sweet, spicy, creamy and simply perfect! Everything inside this bowl works together perfectly.

This unique take on vegan food looks absolutely wonderful; it could easily pass for being bought from a Korean restaurant. The barbeque sauce is perfectly sautéed, the garlic-avocado aioli is smooth, and the presentation will make you look like a professional Korean chef. I bet everyone asks for seconds will you serve this on up.

how to make vegan korean bbq sticky rice

I love it when we have the opportunity to show that authentic dishes from around the world can be made vegan and delicious. Whether it be Korean like this recipe, or other cultural dishes from all around the globe. You don’t have to sacrifice great taste to remain true to your vegan diet and lifestyle. This easy vegan recipe will make you a believer.

This vegan BBQ recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Brewing Happiness. You can get this Vegan Korean BBQ Tofu Recipe by clicking here.

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