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Vegan Lasagna Supreme

You can find many lasagna recipes out there. You can even find some vegan lasagna recipes. But this Vegan Lasagna Supreme is incredible. If you want the full on Lasagna taste experience then this easy vegan recipe is the recipe for you!

Of course the big question has always been how to get that full rich lasagna cheese experience without any cheese. Substituting for the meat is pretty easy and can be done in many ways. In this recipe the solution is tofu but I have seen others. But that cheese texture and taste. How do you duplicate that in a vegan lasagna recipe?


That has always been the question. Well I can tell you that this recipe does it better than any I have seen. If you have omnivores in your house who love lasagna I can promise you that they will not walk away from this dish. It really is amazing! A rich red sauce with a rich cheesy consistency is the key to the incredible vegan lasagna recipe.

The photo and vegan Italian recipe is courtesy of Chow Hound. You can get get this incredible vegan lasagna recipe by clicking here.

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